Menu (Served from 10am-2pm)


Breakfast Hash

braised beef, roasted rosemary potatoes, sunny egg, smoked paprika aioli


Biscuits & Gravy

buttermilk biscuit, maple sausage gravy, chives


Egg and Cheese

egg and chive scramble, house aioli, 4 year aged cheddar, caramelized onion, brioche

$5 add sausage $3

Monte Cristo

cinnamon sugar butter toasted brioche, candied bacon, house smoked ham, over easy egg, farmers cheese



Beef & Cheese

braised beef neck, jalapeno cream cheese, pickled onion, farmers cheese, brioche bun



beef patty, brioche, 4 year aged cheddar, shaved onion, B&B pickles, house aioli


Cajun Patty Melt

beef patty, marble rye, farmers and Swiss cheeses, cajun aioli, caramelized onion


BBQ Pulled Pork

14hr smoked Pork Butt, sweet pickle mayo, Pickled Jalapeno Cole Slaw, brioche


Pastrami Reuben

house smoked beef navel, Russian dressing, Swiss, raw kraut, marble rye



house smoked ham, spicy Dijon, house aioli. Swiss, B&B Pickle, long roll